BOTTALATI: Natural milled, soft touch, our must have!

SMOOTH: Full flower, correct grain or application.

Hair leathers:  Sheepskin or cowhide leathers.


Mousse is a full-grain, soft cow hide, naturally tumbled with dyed-through, semi-aniline oil, characterised by a uniform light grain over its entire surface. This makes it more malleable, and therefore more suitable for use in the production of leather goods, footwear and furnishings.


Mousse Pesante has the same properties as Mousse, but is characterised by a lighter, more clearly defined grain and gives it a firmer feel, owing to its greater thickness.

Art. Bull


Bull is a full soft-grained cow hide, tumbled with a beautiful natural uniform grain. It has a  remarkable full and rounded feel, which makes it perfect for all uses.


Mont Blanc is a high class quality product , full-grain naturally tumbled leather with a fully rounded hand feel. The washing and drying cycles gives it a particularly rich, deep grain that differentiates it from other items.


Metal Blanc is a laminated version of Mont Blanc. It retains the same high quality characteristics, with a full and supple feel to it, naturally tumbled with a rich, deep grain.


Nabuk is a soft leather with a velvety effect, naturally tumbled and dye-through. It is characterised by a natural uniform grain across the whole skin and has a warm hand-feel. The Nabuk is a high quality and durable leather.

Foto Art. Messico


Messico is a mixed-tanned soft leather product with a full grain, and has been naturally tumbled. The sporty appearance recalls the skin of a cow. All the colours are made on two neutral surfaces, which makes the colours particularly transparent and bright. Black is produced using a dye- through.



Congo is an article developed on Cocco printed half bovine, it is designed for leather goods and footwear.


Tender is produced using the hide from the shoulders of a cow, which has a greater thickness, and tanned using vegetables. It is full grained, with a smooth surface giving it a particularly natural and rich appearance.

  • vegetable tanned
  • smooth surface
  • dyed-through
  • thickness 2.8 – 3.0 mm
  • size 1.2 – 1.3 mq
  • leather goods – shoes – interiors

Foto Art. Montone


Montone is used for lining footwear. It is characterised by a light skin with soft fluffy hair. It is used for both male and female footwear. The best examples are also used for leather goods and fashion accessories.


Laminato is naturally tumbled leather used with laminating surfaces. It is soft to the touch and available in a variety of colours. It is produced using only half leather.

  • laminating surface
  • naturally tumbled
  • thickness 1.1 – 1.2 mm
  • size 2.0 – 2.5 mq
  • leather goods – shoes


Embossing and printing are mechanical procedures carried out on the surface of the skin to create new textures. Discover the infinite possibilities for personalising geometric patterns on your leather items.

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